Body-Mind Centering® Workshops

exploring the dynamic relationship between mind & body


we are delighted to announce the return to in person workshops here at our venue in Devon UK

JULY 2022


sensing & feeling our support & structure from within

Sunday 17th July: 3pm - 6pm

Monday 18th July: 10am - 5.30pm

Tuesday 19th July: 10am - 5.30pm

Wednesday 20th July: 10am - 1.30pm

SOEL, Nr Dartington, Devon UK




self regulation, the autonomic nervous system & mind

Sunday 4th September: 3pm - 6pm

Monday 5th September: 10am - 5.30pm

Tuesday 6th September: 10am - 5.30pm

Wednesday 7th September: 10am - 1.30pm

SOEL, Nr Dartington, Devon UK

REGISTRATION opens 30th May 2022:

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sensing & feeling our support & structure from within

Sunday 17th July: 3pm - 6pm

Monday 18th July: 10am - 5.30pm

Tuesday 19th July: 10am - 5.30pm

Wednesday 20th July: 10am - 1.30pm

SOEL, Nr Dartington, Devon UK

FEE by donation

Our bones are the bedrock of our inner being; each bone an  organ; highly sensitive, malleable, responsive structures rich with sensory nerves.

Our bones protect and support us and organise the shapes and structure of our movements in space, through a dynamic tensile web of connective tissue from our skin to our core. They are the sites of hemopoiesis; the origins of our blood and take shape through the spirallic patterning of our embryological beginnings.


Exploring the dynamic relationship between mind and body we will take time to meet, sense and embody our skeleton, bones, joints and related structures through gentle movement, hands on touch, sound, rest and visual mapping.

Through gentle, guided facilitation from the experiential anatomy of Body-Mind Centering® we will explore our spine, skull & pelvis, the origins of our blood and the embryological spirals in our limbs.


FEES: by donation via bank transfer or paypal

Principle teacher & workshop facilitator: Rosalyn Maynard BMCA Practitioner & Somatic Movement Educator in BMC® 


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The Nervous System is the perceptual base from which we view and interact with our internal & external worlds; receiving & giving information to all the cells in the body.


Our patterns of behaviour are multifaceted, yet also simple. They arise from our life’s experiences and emerge through the filters of our perceptions and our conceived reality…[shaping] our awareness of ourselves, others, and the environment…our movement, expression, and communication. 

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen


a new paradigm from an experiential perspective

Sunday     4th September:    3pm - 6pm 

Monday     5th September:   10am - 5.30pm 

Tuesday     6th September:   10am - 5.30pm 

Wednesday 7th September:  10am - 1.30pm


SOEL, Nr Dartington, Devon UK


Principle Teacher: Rosalyn Maynard

Registration & inquiries:

How to study a system from within the system?


How to experience the whole range of our potential to be calm, organised, to be anxious, alert, to sleep, to dance, to run, to learn, to change...?


There is a constant flow of information that is being processed, received, filtered, accepted, rejected & recorded through our nervous system. During this workshop we will take time to slow down and to come to rest, cultivating our ability to be open and receptive in sensing; how we move, how we think, how we feel and how we make choices, as we experience our self in relationship to our inner and outer worlds. 

In this workshop, we will use movement, touch, consciousness, and dialogue to explore some of the key principles from Body-Mind Centering® including the embodiment of the somatic nervous system & our proprioception, the autonomic nervous system, the Vagus nerve & going under the tone, sitting in the synapse, nerve reversal and healing, and embryology of the nervous system.

Body-Mind Centering®  workshops at SOEL, offer a holistic, creative teaching & learning approach to the multi dimensional waies of knowing our self and world through the wonders of our anatomy & physiology. Workshops include gentle movement inquiry, dance, discussion & dialogue, gentle sounding, directed breathing, quiet contemplation, somatic writing & somatic drawing, & hands-on touch upon our self & in partners.

TEACHERS & Assistants at SOEL:

Teachers & Assistants at SOEL have been teaching and researching somatics movement education together & independently within their own fields and professions for many years, and share a rich history of working together informed by the experiential anatomy of Body-Mind Centering®, Elsa Gindler's Human Work, western science & anatomy, the arts, philosophy, human embryology and the evolutionary history of life. 


Over time, we have explored the development of our approach to the application and the practice of somatics in many contexts, activities & projects including pedagogy, well being, arts and ecology, community workshop, natural horsemanship, small mixed farming, mentoring practice, mythology, walking, pilgrimage and personal development. At SOEL we are dedicated to knowing and learning about our self and the world as an interdependent, interconnected, creative, whole; through experience, felt sensation, intuition and mind. 


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 I got a lot out of the workshop and it has provoked my increasing awareness of my internal environment. I feel so much more aware in a positive way which has lead me to be more consciously aware of the interconnectedness of us all - the essence of life which is in all living things. Just so simple yet so profound. A beautiful piece of work, literally.

Heather Griffith Retired OT

(Body-Mind Centering® Workshop: The Heart as an organ of perception FEB17)

Description of Body-Mind Centering®
Body Mind Centering® is an innovative approach to experiental anatomy and physiology, within the expanding field of somatics. BMC® offers a deep understanding of how the mind expresses itself through movement, touch, and perception. It fosters an embodied knowledge of the human body, with a special emphasis on the different body systems, the principles underlying the development of our movement patterns, and the study of embryology.
The method was founded 30 years ago by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, a pioneer in the arena of movement research, who has
never ceased to deepen its scope and expand its curriculum. The essence of the work lies in the subtle consciousness and inherent intelligence with which every cell, tissue, organ, and system is endowed with. 
This study leads to an understanding of how the mind is expressed through the body and the body through the mind.

Merging creatively the cognitive and experiential dimensions, BMC® opens a doorway that leads to an increasing awareness of the conscious body.


Body-Mind Centering® is a creative process in which we learn to meet and recognise ourselves and others through the exploration of embodiment: through feeling, sensing and action. Each person is both the student and the subject matter. Principles and techniques are taught in the context of self-discovery and openness. We learn to engage ourselves and others non-judgmentally starting at the place where we are and the place where others are. In this way we seek to find the ease that underlies transformation.​

About BMCA Professional Members

BMCA Professional Members have completed a rigorous, hands-on training which ensures a safe and consistent experience of the work and are required to fulfil continuing education requirements on an ongoing basis. To locate a professional member of BMCA go to:

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Somatics: the experience from within by Thomas Hanna click here to download

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