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Reclaiming the joy of being in the body

Saturday Somatics

Reclaiming the joy of being in the body
Exploring how we can develop our inner sensory awareness & experience greater ease and presence in the moment
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Saturday Somatics

Reclaiming the joy of being in the body


11th June 2022          in person @ SOEL        10am - 1pm

18th June 2022          via Zoom                         11am - 12.30pm

9th   July  2022          in person @ SOEL        10am - 1pm

23rd July  2022          via Zoom                         11am - 12.30pm

FEES by donation

Teacher: Rosalyn Maynard

Assisting: Vimmi Vatish

In these workshops we take time to slow down and explore how we can recover greater sensory awareness in our daily movement activities, breathing & rest through guided exercises and movement activities. 


Our body's are rich with millions of sensory receptors informing us of how we move; with how much effort, with how much breathe needed to perform our daily tasks, how much tension, how much tone. How do we know? How can we become sensitively aware to this innate inner intelligence?


Working at a slow and gentle pace we are guided through simple movement explorations including floor-based exercises to discover for our self how we can function with greater ease and vitality. 


Saturday Somatics is practical community workshop programme offered at SOEL since 2013. These workshops are for the mind & body and are based on each of us discovering for our self how we can pay attention easefully to our day to day activates such as walking, eating, speaking, cleaning our teeth, holding a child’s hand, planting a seed.


There are no prerequisites just patience and a love of exploring.


...we learn from ourselves...

"Living has nothing to do with methods. We learn from ourselves…from little children, or from growing plants what living means. And in this way we learn something that comes directly from nature rather than what is in text books or advertised as the new technique. Coming together, being together, getting in contact with each other and having sensitive connection to what we are doing…has nothing to do with techniques…there is something very sacred about nature and the nature of things."


Charlotte Selver.

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During my sessions with Ros, of which dialogue is a key and enjoyable part alongside practice, and while practicing and reflecting on my own after the sessions, I have learned a number of things about my habits and history - both in terms of movement, and in terms of patterns of thought. My view is that somatic practice is indispensable for leading a healthy, balanced life with more confidence in and knowledge about what supports that life (what is good for you, both physically and emotionally).


The style of teaching and attitude of the teachers was what really impacted on me. I felt rejuvenated, able to distinguish between head and body as opposed to living mainly from my head and therefore the majority of the time not being physically at ease.


This was amazing as it reminded me of how things can be and that one doesn't have to become stuck in head mode!!


I find that Ros's workshops give me a sustained toolkit of practical things that I can do and change to improve my physical and emotional circumstances whilst at the same time, allowing ailments to simply 'be' and pass.


Ros is part of a very important second wave generation of 'somatic' practice, and it is incredibly fortunate that she is based in the South West, let alone locally to us in Devon