SOEL Faculty


Rosalyn Maynard BA Hons, MA, BMCA 
Somatic Movement Educator & Practitioner in Body-Mind Centering®

Rosalyn is the principal teacher at SOEL offering one to one private sessions in somatics movement education of Body-Mind Centering®, community workshops, weekend intensives and creative mentorships. She facilitates and convenes the Experiential Anatomy course: Holistic Studies in Human Anatomy

                                                                        She has a BA Hons degree in Dance and Combined Studies (1994), in                                                                                             2006 she studied at Schumacher College in Devon in Goethean Science and                                                                                Deep Ecology, she has a Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology and a Masters                                                                                    Degree in Creative Education (Thesis: Experiential Learning in Human                                                                                            Anatomy in Higher Education). In 2013 Rosalyn was funded by HEFCE to                                                                                      research evolutionary mentoring for the university sectors PGCHE                                                                                                  teaching certificate. 


Rosalyn is also a Shepherd, passionate about biodynamic farming and remembering the practice of herbal medicine in animal husbandry. She recently shared some of her research in this field in a presentation: "Are we intelligent enough to know how intelligent animals really are?"


As the founding director of SOEL, (School of Experiential Learning) Rosalyn is dedicated to interdisciplinary learning through experience, movement, hands-on touch, art, symbol and pattern language alongside intellectual and conceptual ways of knowing. She has taught in many contexts including state and private sector in performing arts, science and education. She has been practicing and teaching somatics for over 20 years and has an extensive portfolio in this field of movement education.


During the period between 2003 and 2014 Rosalyn was an associate lecturer at Dartington College of Arts and then Falmouth University and it was during this period that she began to develop her training and research in the interdisciplinary field of experiential anatomy. Her research into somatics as a paradigm for knowing self and world; as an approach to teaching practice, as an approach to performance making, and as an approach to shepherding & farming has been at the heart of her work and life ever since. Rosalyn still regularly guest lectures at Exeter University in the Theatre department.


Rosalyn is certified as a Somatic Movement Educator & therapeutic Practitioner in Body-mind Centering® by the School for Body-mind Centering® and she is a member of its professional body the BMCA. She has worked regularly with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Andrea Olsen, Karen McHose and Eva Schmale and has been studying our embryological origins with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen since 2004.

Rosalyn Maynard facilitator teacher movement artist somatic movement with Rosalyn Maynard at the School of Experiential Learning or SOEL tSOEL studying Body-Mind Centering® BMC® somatics art research social experimental experiential learning teaching facilitation group community.   one to one lessons in Body-Mind Centering®,  community workshops and Body-Mind Centering® intensives, courses in Experiential Anatomy,  study groups, and  creative mentorships. ​
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Heart Organ Workshop at SOEL, 2018

Daisy Martinez BSc


Daisy has been a principal collaborator with Rosalyn Maynard in developing SOEL’s community workshop programme since they began working together in a mentoring partnership in 2009. She has been teaching with SOEL since 2013 and has been training in Body-Mind Centering® since 2008.


Biography: Daisy lives in the West of Scotland and works as a carpenter, with experience in traditional boatbuilding, oak frame building, and letter carving. She holds a BSc Hons in Ecological and Environmental Sciences from Edinburgh University, and she continues to research and write about the impacts of agricultural pesticides on soil and plant health. Daisy loves to walk, swim and work outdoors, and is a long-term student of Body-Mind Centering®. The different aspects of Daisy's work weave together her joy in making and working with her hands, with her love for the natural world and being outdoors. 


Email: daisy [dot] annamaria [dot] martinez [at] googlemail [dot] com

Sarah Gray BA (hons) BMCA


Sarah is training as a Somatic Movement Educator in Body-Mind Centering® and has worked with Rosalyn Maynard since 2014 through creative mentorship, co-teaching and collaboration.  



Biography: Sarah Gray BA Hon, BMCA, an artist, producer and teacher based in Totnes, Devon UK. Sarah offers and teaches community workshops in somatic movement and yoga, and seminars in experiential anatomy inspired by her training in Body-Mind Centering® as part of the Holistic Studies in Human Anatomy course. She is currently working as Head of Community Learning at Schumacher College, Dartington Trust, Devon.




Email: soundsitesomatics [at] gmail [dot] com

Assistants & Collaborators


Dr Abigail Jackson has been following the work of Body-Mind Centering since 2012 and completed the two-year experiential anatomy course at SOEL in 2018. She has recently graduated her PhD where she researched the benefits of movement within the education of autistic children, and developed a practice employing touch, mimicry and play. Abigail is also trained as a Theraputic Play Practitioner and currently works at The University of Bristol developing an educational tools focusing on emotional wellbeing. 

Vimmi Vatish has been attending workshops with Rosalyn since 2011. She specialises as a deep tissue massage therapist in myofascial release, has a degree in English Literature and lives in Buckfastleigh with her children. Vimmi has completed a Diploma in education and training and is teaching ESOL (English to speakers of other languages), working mostly with refugees. She previously worked as a teaching assistant at Bidwell Brook Special Education School in South Devon, has been practicing yoga for over twenty years and enjoys contact improvisation.

Isabella Rose has worked extensively with Rosalyn Maynard since 2007 within Educational, Community, and Arts contexts in a multitude of capacities and roles as a student, an assistant, mentee and as an Artist, most recently graduating with SOEL in 2019 with a certificate in Holistic Studies in Human Anatomy. She is Mother of three, a Performance Artist, Writer, Bodywork Practitioner, Facilitator of Women’s embodiment and Editor at AEVA magazine. Included amongst her many trainings are CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute,  BA in Choreography and Community Practice from Dartington College of Art, and extensive training in woman’s embodiment and feminine awakening. She is a very proud and devoted mother of two daughters and a son, perhaps her biggest teachers, who have taught her much of what it is to be a woman and carrier of the feminine life-giving essence.


Rosalind Holgate-Smith has been working with Rosalyn since 2011. She is a Dance Artist, Performer, Somatic Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. She holds an MA in Dance Creative Practice and a BA(hons) in Contemporary Fine Art and as an Associate Lecturer currently teaches Dance at Lincoln University. Inspired by her work with Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement and Experiential Anatomy she creates performances and installations and has developed a vocabulary for moving in relation to the environment. Rosalind also loves to be in water and is a Shaw Method swimming instructor, a method which integrates the Alexander Technique.


Joni Prescott has been working with Rosalyn since 2010 assisting her at university and in Body-Mind Centering® workshops. She is a student of Authentic Movement working regularly with Fran Lavendel and lives with her husband and two children in Lochgoilhead, Argyll where she recently set up an arts organisation which helps to promote arts and cultural activities within rural areas. She is currently training to be a yoga instructor with Seasonal Yoga Glasgow and you can often find her running up the mountains that surround her home to practice Yoga and Authentic Movement.

Helen Williams was first introduced to somatics in 2012 when she attended Rosalyn’s Unseeable Animal II workshop on Dartmoor – an experience which helped initiate a seven year journey of deep transformation - during which Helen has continued to evolve her participation and learning in somatics, maintain an income through employment in arts management and leadership, explore circle practice (the ancient form of human council) as a facilitator and researcher, and most importantly, commit to being of service by making a life-long vow in 2016 as a Warrior for the Human Spirit and more recently, joining the core team at Nudge Community Builders.  


Cami Rose began the Experiential Anatomy Training at SOEL in 2017. She has explored a variety of fields within the world of somatics for nearly 20 years with her mentor Penny Allport in British Columbia, Canada - Continuum Movement, Evolutionary Movement, Portals of Perception & Yoga - to name a few. She is a certified Hatha, Yin & Prenatal Yoga teacher and has been offering classes and workshops in embodiment for 14 years. She currently facilitates Nature Connection & Yoga Retreats at Sharpham House and has an established one to one private practice in Devon. In the spring of 2014, Cami co-founded The Meadow - a wildflower & pollinator conservation project on the Dartington Estate. Her studies in Herbalism, Goethean Science, and Bee Guardianship enrich her commitment to work with the land somatically. She is presently writing her first collection of poetry which bridges embodiment and ecology. Cami braids her embodied approach, her ecological enquiry and care for the other than human world into all of her offerings.

Delia Spatareanu has been working with Rosalyn since 2013 and gradated from SOELs Holistic Studies in Human Anatomy in 2018. She holds a degree in Photojournalism and a Masters in Holistic Science from Schumacher College, Devon UK.

As well as regularly assisting at SOEL Delia has a diverse interest in embodiment practices and its application which she has exploring in many contexts including: National Citizen Service, London, Beyond the Page, Kent, Schumacher College Devon, Antiuniversity Now London, Ecodharma Spain, St Ethelbugas London. She is passionate about Argentine Tango which she has danced for many years and has just begun her own studies in the experiential anatomy of Body-Mind Centering®. Delia is the photographer for SOEL and many of her photographs feature on this website. She has recently returned to her home country of Romanian to explore the development of her own creative learning project.