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SOEL Faculty


Rosalyn Maynard BA Hons, MA, BMCA 
Somatic Movement Educator & Practitioner in Body-Mind Centering®

Rosalyn is the principal teacher and founder of SOEL est. in 2014 offering one to one private sessions in somatics movement education of Body-Mind Centering®, community workshops, weekend intensives and creative mentorships. She currently facilitates and convenes all three courses at SOEL.

                                                                        She has a BA Hons degree in Dance and Combined Studies (1994), in                                                                                             2006 she studied at Schumacher College in Devon in Goethean Science and                                                                                Deep Ecology, she has a Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology and a Masters                                                                                    Degree in Creative Education (Thesis: Experiential Learning in Human                                                                                            Anatomy in Higher Education). In 2013 Rosalyn was funded by HEFCE to                                                                                      research evolutionary mentoring for the university sectors PGCHE                                                                                                  teaching certificate. 


Rosalyn is also a Shepherd and Sunday 9th July 2023 participates in her local wool festival. Rosalyn is passionate about biodynamic farming and remembering the practice of herbal medicine in animal husbandry. She recently shared some of her research in this field in a presentation at a BMC sharing: "Are we intelligent enough to know how intelligent animals really are?"


As the founding director of SOEL, (School of Experiential Learning) Rosalyn is dedicated to interdisciplinary learning through experience, movement, hands-on touch, art, symbol and pattern language alongside intellectual and conceptual ways of knowing. She has taught in many contexts including state and private sector in performing arts, science and education. She has been practicing and teaching somatics for over 20 years and has an extensive portfolio in this field of movement education.


During the period between 2003 and 2014 Rosalyn was an associate lecturer at Dartington College of Arts and then Falmouth University and it was during this period that she began to develop her training and research in the interdisciplinary field of experiential anatomy. Her research into somatics as a paradigm for knowing self and world; as an approach to teaching practice, as an approach to performance making, and as an approach to shepherding & farming has been at the heart of her work and life ever since. Rosalyn still regularly guest lectures at Exeter University in the Theatre department.


Rosalyn is certified as a Somatic Movement Educator & therapeutic Practitioner in Body-mind Centering® by the School for Body-mind Centering® and she is a member of its professional body the BMCA. She has worked regularly with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Andrea Olsen, Karen McHose and Eva Schmale and has been studying our embryological origins with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen since 2004.

Rosalyn Maynard facilitator teacher movement artist somatic movement with Rosalyn Maynard at the School of Experiential Learning or SOEL tSOEL studying Body-Mind Centering® BMC® somatics art research social experimental experiential learning teaching facilitation group community.   one to one lessons in Body-Mind Centering®,  community workshops and Body-Mind Centering® intensives, courses in Experiential Anatomy,  study groups, and  creative mentorships. ​
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Heart Organ Workshop at SOEL, 2018

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Daisy Martinez BSc


Daisy and Rosalyn have been working together in a mentoring partnership since 2008, when Daisy first began her training in Body-Mind Centering®. Since then, Daisy has been a principal collaborator with Rosalyn in developing SOEL’s community workshop programme, courses and research in Somatics, BMC(R) and Human Biology.


Biography: Daisy lives in the West of Scotland, and is currently conducting her PhD research in agricultural ecology at the University of Edinburgh. She is also a long-term student of Body-Mind Centering®. Daisy is interested in the ways that traditional scientific inquiry can come together with more experiential or intuitive ways of knowing, and how these different modalities can inform and enrich one another. 


Email: daisy [dot] annamaria [dot] martinez [at] googlemail [dot] com

Sarah Gray BA (hons) BMCA


Sarah is training as a Somatic Movement Educator in Body-Mind Centering® and has worked with Rosalyn Maynard since 2014 through creative mentorship, co-teaching and collaboration.  



Biography: Sarah Gray BA Hon, BMCA, an artist, producer and teacher based in Totnes, Devon UK. Sarah offers and teaches community workshops in somatic movement and yoga. She also teaches seminars in experiential anatomy, inspired by her training in Body-Mind Centering® on the SOEL course; Holistic Studies in Human Anatomy. She is currently working as Head of Community Learning at Schumacher College, Dartington Trust, Devon.




Email: soundsitesomatics [at] gmail [dot] com

Julie Rousseau
Somatic Movement Educator & Practitioner in Body-Mind Centering®


Julie and Rosalyn trained as Practitioner's in Body-Mind Centering® together and they have been working together since 2011. Julie began guest teaching at SOEL, via zoom, in 2020 and joins the teaching team this year, 2023 on SOEL's course: Holistic Studies in Human Anatomy.


Biography: Julie is also certified as a Life Coach, Facial Massage Therapist and works as a practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine from her home studio in Spain where she lives with her husband and daughter. She is currently training in Human Design.

Email: julierousseaucoaching [at] gmail [dot] com

Assistants & Collaborators


Isabella Shirley Miller has been working with Rosalyn since 2010 as a student, then assisting her on community workshop projects with Daisy Martinez, and in teaching Body-Mind Centering at Dartington College of Arts and then Falmouth University. Isabella is a an artist, singer song writer and performs ceremony. She also works as a free lance teacher with children and adults and she is a Practitioner in Voice Movement Integration and Shiatsu Massage. Isabella is returning to SOEL this Autumn as the principle teaching assistant on the two year course Holistic Studies in Human Anatomy 2023-2025.


Tallula Bentley has been working with Rosalyn since 2018 and graduated on the SOEL course Holistic Studies in Human Anatomy in 2021. As a learning facilitator in support of alternative education provision Tallula values whole person learning and reflective practicum through rhythm, locality and imaginal practices. She offers creative mentorship with individual and group council, exploring ways of knowing through somatic movement and first person inquiry. Tallula's research and artistic endeavours seek to represent the visceral body in theory and creative practice, questioning how renewed attention to the human (and specifically female) body in philosophy, politics, literature and psychosocial studies has paved the way for a rethinking of motherhood, disability, sexuality and death beyond biological categories.  Tallula seeks to foster a sensibility to the bodily arts, inspired by an Authentic movement practice and training in Experiential Anatomy. 


Vimmi Vatish has been attending workshops with Rosalyn since 2011. She specialises as a deep tissue massage therapist in myofascial release, has a degree in English Literature and lives in Buckfastleigh with her children. Vimmi has completed a Diploma in education and training and is teaching ESOL (English to speakers of other languages), working mostly with refugees. She previously worked as a teaching assistant at Bidwell Brook Special Education School in South Devon, has been practicing yoga for over twenty years and enjoys contact improvisation.

Vivian Winterhoff  has been working with Rosalyn since 2016. She came to England from Germany to study Economic Geography at the London School of Economics and lived in London for over a decade. She dabbled in Applied Environmental Economics and finally – burnt out from city living - completed a MA Ecological Design Thinking at Schumacher College in Devon. This is where she first met Rosalyn in 2015 and was exposed to the wonder-full world of Somatics. Some of her sensorial journey from that time is described in her Masters dissertation “For the love of wood, for the love of life: The story of a re-awakened ecological consciousness through an awareness of the vernacular”. Her work makes the case for how to design regenerative, living economies that touch and move human bodies in wholesome ways.
Though a European in her bones (she grew up in Germany), she followed the call of the forests and clear mountain streams to her birthplace in New Hampshire, USA, where she now practices Body Mind Centering, Sensory Awareness and Gindler-inspired experiences of the human body as nature. She also runs online programs such as the Joyful Breaks membership which give busy entrepreneurs (and others) a chance to make space and time for peace and calm in the middle of their workdays by learning to cultivate Somatic practices of slowing down, and making space to listen to the wisdom of their own bodies.

Joni Prescott has been working with Rosalyn since 2010 assisting her at university and in Body-Mind Centering® workshops. She is a student of Authentic Movement working regularly with Fran Lavendel and lives with her husband and two children in Lochgoilhead, Argyll where she recently set up an arts organisation which helps to promote arts and cultural activities within rural areas. She is currently training to be a yoga instructor with Seasonal Yoga Glasgow and you can often find her running up the mountains that surround her home to practice Yoga and Authentic Movement.

Tom Towey started working with Ros in 2015. He lives in Buckfastleigh in Devon with his partner Kate and their 3 children (2 have left home). He qualified in Bothmer movement (aka Spatial Dynamics) in 2009 and he has been a games and movement teacher in the London and South Devon Steiner schools for over 15 years. At present he teaches games and movement (and maths) as part of a Steiner style home school set up with his partner Kate. The somatics work with Ros has really helped and informed his movement work with the children as well as his own journey of healing accident trauma. More recently he has found Dance and is about to start a Moving Together community dance practitioner training with Leela Fisk.

Cassie Osborne has been studying and working with Rosalyn Maynard since 2008 when she began exploring Somatics and Authentic movement. Fascinated by the connection between body-mind and intentional habitual movements led Cassie to became a regular assistant of Rosalyn Maynard at SOEL, as well as a certified Shiatsu practitioner. In 2010 Cassie graduated with a BA from Dartington Colleague of Arts where she deepened her exploration into Creative Performance and Movement Art. She continues to follow her passion for dance and singing in her community, and is part of a local jazz duo and band. Cassie loves the outdoors and spends much of her spare time hiking, swimming, growing herbs, and soft fruits on her small holding near Ashburton with her Partner Jacob. Since 2020 she has run the Sound Art holiday club for children at Dartington Hall.

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