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             sTUDY gROUPS

The SOEL BMC® study groups are collaborative research labs  exploring Rosalyn's ongoing inquiries and further study in the embodied anatomy of Body-Mind Centering®.


The study groups are movement labs investigating the dynamic inner nature of the human organism through sensing, feeling and moving complimenting and along side our intellectual capacity to comprehend and understand our self and world through the field of science.

They offer the opportunity for experienced professionals and students of experiential anatomy to come together and explore our natural acumen to sense and feel our bodymind through moving, breathing, sounding and hands on touch and repatterning. Bringing greater awareness and an expanded consciousness to our biology body and the interrelationships of our inner and outer worlds. 



“There is a difference between thinking about a thing and thinking the thing. Thinking about a thing is saying that a thing is “out there” and one then forms abstractions about ‘it’, ‘it’ becomes an object ...


To think the thing – which is essentially a feeling thinking imbued with an intuitive knowing - this is to go through a felt thought and let it emerge and produce whatever it’s going to do, which means  to let it stand in the body and in consciousness without being suppressed and without being carried out. Suspend the activity in both directions, and just let if reveal itself, and see it."

On Dialogue. David Bohm. p77 



a feeling thinking imbued with an intuitive knowing