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The SOEL BMC® study groups are collaborative research labs  exploring Rosalyn's ongoing inquiries and further study in the embodied anatomy of Body-Mind Centering®.


The study groups are movement labs investigating the dynamic inner nature of the human organism through sensing, feeling and moving complimenting and along side our intellectual capacity to comprehend and understand our self and world through the field of science.

They offer the opportunity for experienced professionals and students of experiential anatomy to come together and explore our natural acumen to sense and feel our bodymind through moving, breathing, sounding and hands on touch and repatterning. Bringing greater awareness and an expanded consciousness to our biology body and the interrelationships of our inner and outer worlds. 



“There is a difference between thinking about a thing and thinking the thing. Thinking about a thing is saying that a thing is “out there” and one then forms abstractions about ‘it’, ‘it’ becomes an object ...


To think the thing – which is essentially a feeling thinking imbued with an intuitive knowing - this is to go through a felt thought and let it emerge and produce whatever it’s going to do, which means  to let it stand in the body and in consciousness without being suppressed and without being carried out. Suspend the activity in both directions, and just let if reveal itself, and see it."

On Dialogue. David Bohm. p77 



a feeling thinking imbued with an intuitive knowing

Body-Mind Centering® Study Group

Voice & Breathing - the moving body, the breathing body, the vocal body 

26th June 2020

2pm - 4pm


Fee: by donation, to book contact Rosalyn


Breathing and vocalisation are a continuum of the same process and are reflected in each other.

Breathing expresses internally who we are and vocalisation expresses externally who we are.


The four diaphragms: We will begin with a brief overview of the four diaphragms: Pelvic, Thoracic, Vocal and Cranial and their relationship to our voice and breath. Through movement, mind and hands-on touch we will then explore mapping and meeting our own sense of these structures and our breathing process embodying the innate relationships between our breath and our voice.


“Our voice is an event... When we use our voice we involve our entire body. Our internal balance and our relationship to the outside world are reflected in our voice…”  Blandine Calais-Germain


Open to: SOEL graduates, teachers & assistants

 or experienced students,  teachers or practitioners of Body-Mind Centering® and/or experiential anatomy.

Body-Mind Centering® Study Group

The Immune System - toward an embodied view


Alternative Fridays: 2pm-4pm

29th May 2020

12th June 2020


Fee: by donation, to book contact Rosalyn



The Immune system is a fluid, cellular system of our body structures and processes that functions to keep our body in a healthy balanced state. We usually only think about the immune system when we feel ill but the immune system is constantly present, maintaining our molecular identity. Over the course of these two BMC® study groups we will explore through the process of experiential anatomy our shared and individual sense of an embodied view of the immune system.


29th May: Innate Immunity: skin and Membranes. We will begin with a brief introduction and overview of the immune system leading into the embodiment of the innate immune system. Through movement, mind, and hands-on touch we will explore mapping and meeting our own sense of these innate structures and processes that have been present since birth. 

12th June: Adaptive Immunity: Thymus, Heart & Circulation: We will begin with a reacquaintance with the immune system: followed by a brief overview of the adaptive immune system including: lymphatic vessels, tissues and organs leading into an embodied exploration of our Thymus, Heart, & circulation.


Open to SOEL graduates, assistants, and experienced students, teachers, and practitioners

of Body-Mind Centering® and/or experiential anatomy.  


The Immune System – a fluid dance through space & time, an endlessly fascinating conversation where bodily health is expressed most fully at the fractal interpenetrating boundary between self and other. 

Graham Jones. Holistic Science Journal vol1 issue4 JAN12



Body-Mind Centering®


The Pelvis

the container of our most delicate sensibilities, passageways of elimination of waste and new life

Friday 31st January 2020


The Summer House, Cholwell

Fee: by donation, suggested £20, to book contact Rosalyn

(Open to graduates & staff in Holistic Studies in Human Anatomy only)

booking & enquiries:

The boney support of the lower abdominal organs is contained in the pelvis.


Made up of four bones, arranged like a bony ring the pelvis is sculpted into a bowl shaped cavity suspended and balanced between the spine and the hips containing the lower organs of digestion, the organs of reproduction and urination. 


Each of these organs has an opening that extends through the muscles of the pelvic floor, made up of contractile and elastic tissues facilitating the filling and emptying of vital life process contained in each and capable of the most powerful forces releasing fluids and solids, and the process of birth.


Great mobility is needed here to support the greatest changes in volume in these three organs. Through movement, mind and hands-on touch we will explore the anatomy and physiology of these pelvic organs, their relationship to each other and the body systems to which they belong, as well as the systems that support and anchor them in the pelvic bowl.


Body-Mind Centering®



mitochondria - our ancestral lineage

Wednesday 21st August 2019
SOEL, The Summer House, Nr. Dartington

open & accessible to experienced practitioners &

students of BMC & experiential anatomy

details attached / booking essential

Exploring these subcelluar structures within our cells we will gradually bring our awareness to these sites of cellular respiration and energy. Through movement, hands-on-touch and mind we will be guided through experiential investigations to explore these microscopic aspects of ourself. 

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