Saturday Somatics 

reclaiming the joy of being in the body

via remote video call: Zoom

Exploring how we can deepen our inner sensory awareness and recover greater ease and presence in the experiencing moment. 

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Saturday Somatics

reclaiming the joy of being in the body



30th October 2021: 11am-12.30pm

27th November 2021: 11am - 12.30 pm

11th December 2021: 11am - 1pm: giving & receiving from a somatics perspective

FEES by donation by bank transfer or paypal

In these workshops we will take time to be quiet & comfortable through guided movement activities at a slow and gentle pace; in lying, sitting, standing, walking and breathing.

The workshop will include simple floor based exercises, gentle passive stretching and guided hands-on touch upon our self.

TEACHING: Rosalyn Maynard BMCA MA

Rosalyn has been teaching Saturday Somatics as a monthly community workshop since 2013 and for the time being we are offering these workshops online, since April 2020. 

"Through the simple things which we do all the time, we can feel out to which degree we honour everything with our inner attention"  

Charlotte Selver


Each session open’s with a brief check in followed by the gentle guided movement explorations and closes with time for transition, rest and a brief reflection at the end. 


Throughout the session Rosalyn will accompany you through each activity embodying and practicing alongside your own explorations. 


Saturday Somatics is based on the embodied practices of Elsa Gindler’s Human Work and Body-Mind Centering®. 


The workshops are open to a maximum of 12 participants via zoom. Booking is essential to receive the link to join the video call.


If you have not participated in SOEL Saturday Somatics before please contact Rosalyn directly.


This somatics approach has been described as meditation for the western mind; as a ‘radically’ simple way of working with experience. In brief we might describe this approach as simply paying attention to how we go: how we sit, hold a cup, breathe, stand, lie we truly rest with greater ease... 


There are no prerequisites for this work, just patience and a love of exploring.

…the most essential things we have to keep in mind are: any correction made from without is of little value, and that each of us must try to gain understanding for the special nature of our own constitution in order to learn how to take care for ourselves.

Elsa Gindler

What is Somatics Movement Education?


Born into a world that from the very beginning can disturb and limit our physical and mental development, somatics movement education encourages us to discover our own innate body intelligence sensitively, lovingly and without ambition, in order to enable and support the broadening of our perceptual capabilities and physical change.

It is not about training, ability or techniques, but rather about uncovering the consciousness and widely underestimated possibilities that are naturally invested in us all.

These workshop invite peaceful, regenerative bodywork which doesn't overwhelm, but rather allows each participant to work at their own level and their own pace.

Discovering what's already there...inside you.

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