Body-Mind Centering® Workshops

exploring the dynamic relationship between mind & body

June 2019



from our earliest orgins to present day 

A two day workshop exploring our diaphragmatic, cellular & embryological breathing


Over the two days we will explore cellular breathing and our sensory awareness of internal respiration leading into the unique practice of embryological breathing from BMC® and the forming of our adult structures with a particular focus on the three diaphragms: pelvic, thoracic and cranial.

Saturday 29th  - Sunday 30th June 2019


10 am - 5 pm daily


£120 waged / £90 low waged / £60 unwaged & SOEL grads

“It is during our embryological development that our body begins creating its form.


As with all development, though the original processes are no longer with us, they have left us with deep-rooted patterns and templates that affect our movement, mind and spirit.


In exploring, experiencing and embodying the embryological developmental process,

we discover the primal roots of our structure, perception and presence."






February 2019




The fluids underlie presence and transformation maintaining our overall sense of balance in tension & relaxation; in rest & action.


A three-day workshop exploring the embodied anatomy of our blood, cerebral spinal fluid, lymph and cellular fluids.



Friday 15 - Sunday 17 February 2019


10 am -  5 pm daily

FEES: £140 waged / £110 low wage / £90 unwaged






“I appreciated: the atmosphere of the space – quiet, playful invigorating music, central holding of the branches, candles, the comfort of the space. The clarity and repetition in the teaching. I rate this really highly.” 


—  Paul Beaumont, registered Somatic Movement Therapist

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