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Infant Developmental Movement Education at SOEL 

Body-Mind Centering® for you & your baby

to positively influence your child's development

About IDME


At SOEL we offer individual sessions with Rosalyn and group sessions on a Friday. 


IDME classes are an opportunity to explore our developmental movement, development of the reflexes, and the development of our senses of sound, sight, touch etc.  


IDME classes and individual sessions are offered as study groups forming part of Rosalyn’s ongoing training and research as a trainee teacher of this work. 

The role of IDME is to support parents to support their baby to learn to self regulate. The first lesson is always recovering ease and our basic sense of comfort. At SOEL we will always be guided by this in any activity supported by a quiet, warm, safe environment with access to resources and toys, refreshments and fresh air. 

Self Regulation
Self regulation can include:
  • Our relationship to the ground and to gravity.

  • Our relationships to touching and being touched; making contact with the outside world and receiving contact from the outside world. 

  • Support in moving independently, feeding and expressing our needs.

  • Our relationship to feeding and digestion, to sleeping and resting, to sound and light in play and interaction with others.


At SOEL we foster a learning process that is integrated and inclusive for both parents/carers and baby to move, sound, rest, touch and be touched together. We work on the floor, with mats, different sized balls, toys and sensory objects inspiring our desire to explore and discover our own sense of self awareness and ease.

Edie and Kora with Rosalyn. Used with permission.

Edie and Kora with Rosalyn. Used with permission.

IDME is an approach to child development

from Body-Mind Centering®


The main principle is:

to experience it in ourselves

so we can experience it in the child


We explore this through gentle rest, through play, movement and touch in guiding baby to discover for herself how she is naturally born to be. To do this, and if parents and carers feel comfortable, we encourage us all to be on the floor with babies, to lie down with baby, even to perhaps roll, crawl and creep with our baby.

Body-Mind Centering®

In Body-Mind Centering® we explore four levels of human well being that are necessary for us all to self regulate and for all of us to function fully and with vitality:

Survival / Comfort / Bonding / Curiosity

When all these aspects of human well being are met we have a basic sense of our own needs and how to look after ourself. This is learnt throughout our childhood and even for many of us in our adulthood. This begins as a baby.

For more information about Body-Mind Centering click here

Body-Mind Centering® for you & your baby to positively influence your child's development ​ for parent/carers & baby.


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Individual Sessions
Parent & Baby

In Body-Mind Centering® we say that:

“the child knows” 

and we give importance to the reality that each child is unique as are each parent, carer and family dynamic.

Groups sessions 



Rosalyn Maynard has studied developmental movement and embryology with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen since 2004 and trained with the European BMC® schools. She is a certified educator in Body-Mind Centering® and began her training as an IDME in July 2017. 



Abbi Jackson has been following the work of Body-Mind Centering since 2012 and has just completed the two year experiential anatomy course at SOEL. She is currently finishing her PhD researching the benefits of movement for autistic children and is training as a child play therapist. 

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