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tSOEL Mentoring Partnerships with Rosalyn Maynard.

Since 2009 Rosalyn has been formally developing and combining her approaches in Evolutionary Mentoring practice and Reflective Practicum with a somatics movement education.  Rosalyn’s approach to mentoring partnerships is shaped by the mentee in collaboration with Rosalyn (the mentor). Both Mentor and Mentee are volunteers and equal partners in the relationship with a common discourse around a subject. In all mentoring projects with Rosalyn the mentee is encouraged to attend and practice somatics alongside the mentoring partnership.

Rosalyn has been working as a mentor and has been a mentee as part of her community arts practice since graduation in 1994. 

To discuss a mentorship please contact us

"I have learnt a lot from this work. 

A way of communicating, listening, interacting, touching, experiencing, and it's limitless. This has spiraled into how I communicate in my world. It feels like a very comfortable language to be in now. This type of work; work which allows people a space to rest, be honest and come back to home base."

Lula Edmonds, mentee (2012-14)

Previous Mentees

Since 2009, Rosalyn has had the opportunity to collaborate with twelve mentees including: 

Sarah Gray, 2014-2015, is an artist, producer and teacher. Her interests are in sound, site and somatics.  Sarah is a Hatha yoga teacher and is training in Body-mind Centering®.  Each May Bank Holiday, she co-hosts and teaches somatics at a weekend listening retreat called SoundCamp with Soundart Radio on the Dartington Hall Estate, Devon [UK].  In June 2016, Sarah presented a digital sound walk for the Dartington Hall Estate at the Language, Landscape and the Sublime symposium at Schumacher College.

Email: onthebuttonproduction [at] gmail [dot] com

Helen Williams, 2013-2014. Following thirty years working in the arts spanning the fields of performance, choreography, directing, technical theatre and management, Helen is currently focusing on further developing her role as a leader and manager, both within the arts and in community. Based in Plymouth, Helen's work is mainly concentrated within the area of Stonehouse, where she has recently joined The Underground Theatre (new community theatre) as Project Development Coordinator, whilst simultaneously initiating a new project called BEING TOGETHER in conversation and play, hosted at Union Corner (Stonehouse Action Group's newly acquired premises). Helen first worked with Rosalyn in 2012 on the Unseeable Animal III exploring relationship to self, other and place through direct experience in the body. “I have been intuitively drawn to Ros’s work and life presence, and have purposefully sought out ways to develop our collaboration and exchange. Completing a year-long mentorship with Ros has been a deeply nurturing experience.” 

Email: helen [at] matterinmotion [dot] co [dot] uk

Lula Edmonds, 2012-2014, currently working with the national charity NCS, mentoring 15-17 year olds in practice's of self development, community engagement and questioning the world we live in. Her other work includes body work incorporating the practice's embodied while working with Rosalyn Maynard, Tamapla life art process, Contact Improvisation and creative enquiry. Lula has a deep curiosity in the arts as a tool for personal and cultural transformation and developing a kinder more connected society. Email:  

Lulajedmonds [at] gmail [dot] com

Daisy Martinez, 2009-2014, is a tSOEL founding mentee and an assisting teacher since 2013. She has been a principle collaborator with Rosalyn in developing tSOEL’s community workshop programme, she is training in Body-mind Centering® and was a founder of the Skills for Change project in Edinburgh offering mentoring and a practical skills based programme to young people in the city. 

Email: daisy.annamaria [dot] martinez [at] googlemail [dot] com

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