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The responsiveness of my system is always alive, always waiting for me to come home!

Reflections upon the Holistic Studies in Human Anatomy, year I, module one: Skin to Cells in October 2017 at the Summerhouse, Cholwell.

By Annabie


It is subtle, not subtle, complex, intricate, and nourishing, and my awareness of it informs how i live, how I move with wellness in the world and intrinsically this is linked with what I want to create in this life-to do what is well, is nourishing, is joyful, is loving, responding, being in relationship.

How will I use this experiential learning/knowing?

I will make more space to move through my is that? so easy to write, but how is that?

Ok, I will make space in the morning to be a seal perhaps, I will draw and colour and make music and go outside and make space, take time, attend to pains and discomfort, And to sleep when I need to and drink lots water.....................

Sink, bathe, touch-base, weaving in and out and up and down, like the seal in the shore that I saw running at the waves.


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